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Run Check-ins in Slack

Learn how to run your team's Check-in on Slack

Check-ins are a valuable way to keep teams connected. With the Range app in Slack, teammates can write and read all Check-ins from within Slack while still accessing integrations, history, and more within the Range web app.

Composing a Check-in in Slack

The process for Check-ins is simple, each day, teammates share an update about their work — what they did yesterday and what they’re planning to do today. They also share an update on how they’re feeling, using an emoji, and answer team questions. These culture-building moments help the team feel connected even when working remotely.

The Check-in process is simple: write, read, review.

Writing your Check-in

With Range, writing Check-ins takes just a few minutes. Range will send a notification to Slack the team to remind them to share their check-ins. Teammates can write their Check-ins from within Slack or go to the Range web app.

Reading Check-ins

As the team shares their check-ins, Range will send them to a team channel to ensure everyone can read the updates. You can read them in Slack or go to


Reading through Check-ins, you’ll see some teammates share flagged items or notice that a teammate shared they aren’t feeling well today. This is an opportunity for teammates and leaders to offer help and make sure the team is unblocked and feels supported. You can comment on updates in Range, and teammates will be notified and can respond from within Slack.

How to get started

To get started running Range Check-ins with Slack, make sure your Range account is connected to Slack. From there, subscribe a team channel to Range and make sure each of your teammates also links their Slack identity to their Range identity.

Don’t forget to tell your team why you’re doing Check-ins — to help you help them without spending more time on Zoom calls.

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