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Set up team channels for Check-ins in Slack

Subscribing Slack channels to Check-ins and other updates from Range

The best way to build transparency and awareness of work through Range is to share information where people are already working—Slack and email. Once you subscribe a shared team channel in Slack to Range, your team will see Check-Ins, objective updates, and meeting notes directly in Slack.

Connect Slack to Range

To get started, make sure you’ve got Slack connected to Range.

Subscribe a channel to Range

From there, you’ll navigate to the team channel in Slack that you’d like to subscribe to Range. You can subscribe a channel to receive updates related to an individual, a team, or a whole company.

To get started, just type: /range subscriptions and select the correct team or your company's name. To subscribe an individual, you can type /range subscribe @[name].

What you'll see in the channel

Once you've successfully subscribed a channel to Range, you'll start to see several types of updates:

  • Check-ins: Each day Check-ins shared by team members will be sent to the Slack channel.
  • Meeting notes: Meeting notes from Meetings associated with the team will be sent to the Slack channel.
  • Objective updates: When an objective's owned by the team in Range is updated, the updated will be shared in Slack.

Configuring Check-Ins

For Check-ins, you can configure whether Range shares individual Check-ins in a thread or directly in a channel. Learn how to make changes here.

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