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How Emily Kramer from MKT1, Asana, & Carta keeps her teams focused on impact.

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Emily Kramer previously built and led marketing teams from the ground up at Asana, Carta, Astro (acquired by Slack), and Ticketfly (acquired by Eventbrite). Emily co-founded MKT1 last year with Kathleen Estreich to help advise SaaS companies on marketing strategy and team building. They also write a SaaS marketing newsletter and run a marketing job board.

I recommend doing quarterly OKR planning, with input from product, CS, sales, and finance on initiatives and budget. Make sure your team sets KRs not just for KPIs, but also for projects, experiments, and important ops improvements. On a monthly basis, set milestones for each KR with a single, individual owner. Set these in a monthly meeting with marketing sub-function teams or leaders. This laser focus on goals and milestones leads to better prioritization and focus—which is the name of the game for a successful SaaS marketing team.

Then, in weekly all-marketing team meetings share check ins with red, yellow, green status updates in advance and review important updates from each category (red/not on track, yellow/at risk, green/on track) live. Follow this agenda for the weekly meetings (or even bi-weekly if you master the async updates).


1. KPI pacing review ( 10 mins )

Review red, yellow, green highlighted report prepared by growth marketing which includes monthly progress compared to last month on full-funnel KPIs (ad spend, web traffic, web traffic by source) form completes, qualified leads or activated users, and marketing attributed revenue.

2. Monthly milestone progress ( 15 mins )

Break quarterly goals into monthly milestones in advance. Each goal owner should complete a red, yellow, green check in for each goal in advance of the weekly meeting. Review a mix of reds, yellows, and greens, focusing on the non-KPI milestones (since those should be covered by pacing).

3. Learnings, wins, & news ( 10 mins )

Share async in writing then discuss selected cross-team learnings. The team should cover experiment wins, launch results, cross-functional updates from product, sales, CS, etc. The team lead should cover exec team updates and any other company news relevant to the team.

4. Marketing calendar blockers ( 10 mins )

Make sure you have a shared team calendar or timeline for major emails, launches, events, etc. with corresponding audiences and KRs referenced. In the meeting, share anything at risk that you are trying to get out the door in the coming weeks. Ask for help if needed.

5. Topic sharing ( 15 mins )

Deep dive on a specific topic led by rotating members of the team. e.g. Upcoming product release, how ABM works, new open positions

6. Closing round

Go round the room and share something you're excited for in the coming week.

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