Stay in sync with Range and ClickUp, without all the meetings

Together, Range and ClickUp help distributed teams save time and stay connected

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As marketing leader Elizabeth Tobey shared in a recent post on the Range blog:

“The spaces between our meetings and projects and how we fill them are just as vital to the company’s success as the milestones, reviews, and reports.”

In other words, successful teams connect the dots between the “human stuff” and work. They stay productive and connected by keeping tabs on how projects are progressing and how people are doing.

This is where ClickUp and Range come in.

  • With millions of users and 200,000+ teams on the product, ClickUp is one of today’s fastest-growing and most widely used productivity apps. ClickUp’s powerful project management functionality helps teams everywhere save time by tracking and assigning all their work in one place.
  • While ClickUp helps teams track projects and tasks, Range helps teammates check in with one another, creating a more complete picture of what people are working on day to day, how they're doing, and how work is progressing.

Range’s new integration with ClickUp, configured using the ClickUp API, is an exciting opportunity for teams to expand on ClickUp’s strong team and project management capabilities. Connecting ClickUp and Range makes it easy for ClickUp users to get started with async Check-ins that capture what and how their team is doing, without adding meetings to the calendar.

What are Check-ins?

At Range, we know that synchronous meetings aren’t the only way to strengthen feelings of trust and belonging on a team. That’s why we created Check-ins — a tool that helps teams build async routines not just for planning and tracking work, but also for strengthening interpersonal connections.

With Range Check-ins, you can:

  • Plan and share daily work across all your tools  📋
  • Easily flag blockers or items for review  🚩
  • Share your daily mood to help teammates meet you where you are 🚦
  • Answer team-building questions to strengthen team culture 👫
overview of a Range user's daily check-in

By helping teams check in asynchronously on projects and people, Range Check-ins make it easy to stay in touch with what your teammates are doing and how they're feeling, without interrupting the flow of work.

How Range Check-ins and ClickUp work together

Connecting Range and ClickUp only takes a few minutes. Once you activate the integration, your ClickUp Tasks and other activity will automatically appear in the Range sidebar, so you can quickly add them to your daily Check-ins.

For more detailed instructions, please check out this help article.

Adding ClickUp suggestion item to Range Check-in

Check-ins help you give your team a simple overview of your work and how you’re feeling about it, without adding yet another meeting to the calendar. Easily pull in work from ClickUp and other tools, add reflections and comments, and answer mood-sharing and icebreaker prompts to keep your team in sync.

Try Range for Free

If you’re ready to check in on projects and people  — while reducing meeting load — try Range today. Weave team-building into your daily flow of work by sharing meaningful async check-ins that connect the dots between what your team is working on and how they’re feeling.

Range is free for up to 20 users, so you can try it out with a small group and decide for yourself whether it works for your team. Questions or feedback? Please reach out to our team at

See the full picture of what’s happening on your team

With Range Check-ins, your team can stay in touch with what and how everyone is doing, without meeting overload. Enrich your status updates with notes and comments, mood-sharing questions, and icebreakers to keep your team productive and connected.

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Try Range for Free

No credit cards required to practice better teamwork.
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Range + ClickUp | Save time and stay in sync
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