Gergely Orosz on the decision to go into management

Lead Time Chats: Season 1, Episode 5 Takeaways

In Episode 5 of Lead Time Chats, Jean Hsu, VP of Engineering at Range, chats with Gergely Orosz — formerly at Uber, Skyscanner, and Skype — about the decision to go into management.

Jean and Gergely chat about:

  • Why Gergely thought management was LAME - and resisted becoming a manager
  • The huge contrast between becoming an “accidental manager” at a startup and becoming a manager at Uber
  • Defining his leadership by having a list he had created of all the managers he wanted to avoid being
  • How to support new managers and set them up for success
  • How a checklist of management activities can create a tighter feedback loop for new managers
  • The unexpected loneliness of being a manager

Takeaways from Gergely

The move into management can be incredibly lonely

“When you become a manager you lose all your peers, you cannot talk about them about the important stuff, the performance, the uncertainty, the fact that you don't know what you're doing. I didn't realize how difficult it would be , especially when you're promoted from a team that you know. The relationship changes because again, the most important stuff you cannot share.”

Avoid being a don't-care manager

“I started to make note of the things that I hated about my managers . I had a manager who seemed to care. I like to call this person,  don't-care manager. Every time I asked for feedback, he said, you're doing great. I support what you do. You're amazing. When it came to performance review time, it was like, hmm, yeah your performance was middle of the 60% of Microsoft.

We have this ladder from one to five, I got a three. I asked him, but you told me I'm doing great and he didn't have any answers. And I realized he just didn't care. He just kind of went with the flow. So this was one thing I didn't want to do.”

Being a manager doesn't necessarily mean more money or power

“A lot of people assume that as a manager, you get more money, you get more information, more power, right? As a manager, you will always have a power dynamic, like it or not, because you have a say in the performance review. At Uber, my salary did not change. My bonus went down because I was on the same level.

My bonus targets stayed the same, but I was now compared against managers. As a senior engineer, I was top of the band. I would have been promoted to the next level pretty quickly, probably. As the manager, I was more bottom of the band, so technically I left money on the table. But I really liked that this was the case because it made me reflect, do I want to stretch myself and do what felt like a lot of extra work for this?”

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S1 E5: Gergely Orosz on the decision to go into management
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