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Share updates and engage directly from the communication channel your team uses most

With the Range App for Slack, you can read Check-ins from your team and share your own Check-ins where they’ll be seen most, without having to open another application. Connecting Range and Slack makes it that much easier for your team to get started with Range and start feeling connected.

Plus, Range makes it easy to save messages and tasks from Slack, so you don’t have to sift through noise to find the right information.

Check-in from where you already communicate

With the Range App for Slack, you can read your team’s Check-ins directly in your team channels. By connecting Range with Slack, each Check-in will be shared in a thread in your team’s channel, raising awareness of what’s been shared in Range and encouraging teammates to Check-in.

To get started, connect Range to Slack and then subscribe your Slack channels to teams and individuals in Range. You’ll want to select an existing team channel to subscribe, so teammates don’t have to go to a different channel.

Once you’ve subscribed your channel, any Check-ins, meeting notes, or objective updates from your team will be shared in the channel.

How it works

  • To subscribe to a Range team in your Slack channel, just type: /range subscriptions in Slack and select the correct team or your company's name.
  • To subscribe to an individual, type /range subscribe @[name]. Only one person on your team needs to subscribe your Slack channel to a team in Range to get it set up.

Subscribing the Range bot to your team Slack channel

Tip: Customize how you share Check-ins. You can configure whether Range shares individual Check-ins in a thread or directly in a channel, depending on what’s best for your team. Learn more

Slack Connect channels

While it is on our roadmap, the Range bot cannot be subscribed to Slack Connect channels at this time.

Slack Connect channels are Slack channels connected to multiple workspaces — people in your and people outside of it. When you invite external collaborators to a Slack channel a new Slack Connect channel is created. Once those collaborators are added to a channel that has the Range bot subscribed, the bot will no longer work.

If your team wants to have updates from Range posted to your Slack channel, we recommend creating a separate Slack Connect channel for your team and its collaborators.

Comment and engage directly from Slack

Engaging with your team’s Check-ins is an important part of encouraging usage and ensuring people feel like their work is being seen. With the Range app for Slack, you can comment directly in Slack to easily ask and answer questions about the projects you’re working on and have meaningful discussions with your teammates on the work.

Conversations are synced across Range and Slack, so no matter where someone is commenting, it’s documented in both places.

How it works

  • To comment on a Check-in, open the thread showing all the individual Check-ins.
  • Click Comment, and select the item you’d like to comment on.
  • For flagged items, you can comment directly from within the channel.

Replying to Range Check-in items from Slack

If you receive a comment in Range, the app will automatically notify you in Slack, and you can reply directly in-app by clicking "reply." You can also reply to people’s Check-ins or meeting notes directly in Slack to have the information pulled into Range too.

Directly replying to Range activity in Slack

Tip: Manage your to-dos in one place. When a new task or action item comes up in Slack, you can easily add it to Range so you don’t lose track of what needs to get done.

Write your Check-in directly from Slack

Keeping your team in the loop is easier than ever when you can write your Check-in directly from Slack without having to open a different application.

How it works

  • Type /checkin from any channel or direct message.
  • Add items to your Plan and What happened sections using * to add a new bullet.
  • Add suggestions to enrich your Check-in, and then add more context about them in your Plan or What happened sections using the bracketed number [X].

If you’re not seeing suggestions, link your integrations from within Range.

Using slash commands to draft your Check-in in Range

Tip: Start your day with your Check-in. Your Check-in helps you take a moment to plan your day and share with your team.

The Range App for Slack helps you share rich updates, engage with your teammates, and stay in the know, all from the communication channel your team uses most. Set yourself up for success and improve your team’s transparency by giving it a try today.

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